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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Our Easter Tree

Thank you for stopping by 
Pink Glitter today.

I want to share our Easter tree
with you, Glitterinas.

Before I found this cute, little, white tree
I would hunt for the perfect tree branch to use.

Some years it was a challenge to find just the 
right branch....
Each branch on the tree I use now 
has a pink rose bud on the tip.

So lovely!

I started with the bow on the top....
several fun ribbons came together 
to make this topper.

While I was working on our Easter tree,
Sarge, our new puppy, was working on 
keeping up with his tennis ball!

This is a three foot tree so 
it does not have lots of branches to fill.

I generally put one ornament on 
each branch.

Let's look at some....

The sunshine was beautiful when I was 
taking these snaps, but it kept me 
from getting the best pictures.

The pictures I took in the evening 
are better.

These sparkly sequin eggs are new this year.
I love, love the colors!

This white, picket fence box is the container 
for our little tree!

My favorite ornament didn't even make it 
to the tree this year.

It is a very heavy one so I decided to hang it on 
a peg on the dining room plate rack.

I feel like it is much safer hanging here!

That's our tree.....small and sweet!

I hope your days are filled with sunshine 
and your heart is filled with joy.....

as the days fly by into Spring!

Hugs and glitter,

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