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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Another Bunny or Two......

......around the house!

I enjoy the colors of Spring and all 
of my collected Easter treasures.

I want to take you on a walk through our house 
and share some of my pretties!

Some old friends.....the Easter bunny brought 
me these metal eggs when I was a little girl.

There's a basket of fun to enjoy with the 
grands.....I wonder how long it will take until
I'm tired of those jokes?!

Some blown eggs that were painted by a 
client of my sister-in-love's....
aren't they lovely?

My favorite banner....

He is Risen!

These new, fabric baskets were a gift from my 
sweet, talented friend, Lula.

She made them and sent them to me....
I love them!  

Don't you?

They are filled with eggs Mom, Sissy, and I 
made long, long ago!

Aren't they sweet?

These are going to be treasures I enjoy every Spring!

I am so glad you opened this post at 
Pink Glitter!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share 
these pictures from around our home.

Leave me a note so I know you stopped by, Glitterinas.

Hugs and bunnies,

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