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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Gooey Potatoes....Very Easy and Very Yummy!

I love serving my family and friends who dine with us
good food.

If the recipe happens to be good and easy to 
prepare, it's definitely on my hit parade!

I want to share a recipe with you today that is 
both good to eat and easy to prepare.

Let's hear it for 
Gooey Potatoes!

They are a hit with eaters of all ages....

......shall we begin, Glitterinas?

Begin by washing and chopping up two potatoes 
for each person you'll be serving.

Then I always add a couple more potatoes 
to the bowl just for good measure.

I used small, red potatoes this time,
use the potatoes you have in your pantry.

Now, we're ready to mix up the gooey part....

into the bowl with the potatoes,
add a can of cream of mushroom soup.....

.....a large dollop of sour cream....

.....and a squirt of Ranch dressing.

Sometimes, I add a spoonful of room temperature 
butter, but I didn't this time.

Sometimes, I add a spoonful of mayonnaise,
but I didn't this time.

If there are any of these gooey additions you and your 
diners don't like, don't use them!

The main thing with this recipe is to add 
gooey goodness that you enjoy eating.

You want there to be plenty of 
gooey when you stir all the ingredients together.

Add salt and pepper to taste...

Give all the ingredients another good stir....
and pour it all into a greased baking dish.

Even the potatoes out in the dish....

.....finish it off with some grated cheese,
your favorite type.

And last but certainly not least....
some fried onions!

The gooey potatoes are ready for the oven.

I'm serving the potatoes with 
Panko Chicken.

Quite possibly the easiest recipe 
in the universe....

Place four chicken thighs in a baking dish,
sprinkle with salt,
and panko bread crumbs.

That's it!

These dishes can cook together.

350 degrees for 45 minutes to start....

.....check for doneness at 45 minutes,
usually the chicken will need another 10 minutes or 
so, just to make sure it's well cooked.

When the chicken and the potatoes are done 
remove them from the oven....the potatoes can come out 
before the chicken if they are cooked and bubbly.

I let these two dishes sit for about 5 minutes before serving them.

Serve them with a nice green salad and a beverage.

I hope you'll give these gooey potatoes a try.

Mix 'em up, bake 'em up 
and serve them some night when 
you want something hot and delicious
but don't feel like being 

Thank you so much for taking time to 
stop by Pink Glitter.

I appreciate it when you let me share 
a recipe or two with you!

Until next time,

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