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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Pickle-icious is a word, 
right, Glitterinas?

Well, if it's not, it should be!

I have a delicious, and fun pickle recipe 
for you today.

A fun pickle recipe?!

Did you just 
smile a little, Glitterinas?

I'm serious.....

Sweet Hot Pickles are a favorite 
around our house.

I love to make pickles using the old,
tried and true canning recipes....they are 

But today, we're just going to 
go crazy, simple with our pickle making.

Well, maybe we're not technically making 
pickles.....we're altering them!

Here we go.....
open a large jar of sliced hamburger dills.

Drain them....

.....set the jar with the drained pickles
 on the counter...

....taste one!  Yum....but soon to be 

Begin adding sugar.....just pour it right 
in on top of those little, green pickles!

All together you need to add about two cups of
sugar to the jar.

Here is when I call into service..... a chopstick.

Press it down the side of the jar moving the 
pickles to the center....making room 
for more sugar.

When you've gotten all the sugar added....
you'll sprinkle in some Tabasco sauce.

About 6-8 drops.

Add more if you like to live in spicy world!

That's all there is to it!

Wipe off the rim....and place the lid on tightly.

Turn the jar over on the counter 
and make sure there is NO leaking.

These pickles will be going into your 
refrigerator, so you want to make sure 
there is no leaking going on.

If there is a leak, you need to wipe the rim again 
and place that lid on tightly.

Place the jar into 
your refrigerator.....

.....and turn it over and give it a good shake 
every day 
for 5 days.

After 5 days of sitting, turning and shaking...

you have a jar of 
sweet, hot pickles that are 


Try these'll love them!

Take them to your next get-together and 
everyone will want your recipe!

It's up to you if you share it .....

or not....

it could be an old family secret recipe from 
Grandma's Great Aunt who served these pickles 
at every family gathering since the beginning of time
....and only shared it with you after you were 
sworn to secrecy with your hand on MeeMaw's apron!

I'm just being silly!

You are the best, Glitterinas!

Thanks so much for taking time 
to visit me here at 
Pink Glitter!

Cheers to pickles,

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