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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Let's Get Crafty!

Hello Glitterinas!

Get your glue guns warmed up, your scissors out and all those wonderful colors of seasonal paper and glitter ready to fly!

Let's get crafty.....we'll start with a cute and simple (my favorite kind of project) BOO banner!

I will display mine by the back door.  

I can clip it on a ribbon to hang across the door or down the side of the door....the pieces could also be attached to pumpkins sitting on a porch....the circle pieces could be taped to glasses or jars to stand in a window....I think they'd even make cute plant picks for a row of plants that wanted to dress up for Halloween!

Let's make a BOO banner!

I cut circles of solid color paper- purple, light orange and green with my Martha Stewart Circle cutter using the triple web blade.  These three circles are 8 inches in diameter.

Next, I cut 3 six inch circles from seasonal paper using the same blade.

After deciding which papers looked good together I stacked and glued one smaller circle onto each of the larger circles.  Now I have three spider web edged circles that need the B-O-O letters.

To make the centers, I used crepe paper, small one inch circles and stick on letters.

The center stacks each had:

          a black crepe paper flat rosette
          a green crepe paper fringed rosette
          a one inch circle (I used the solid color paper again)
          a stick on letter (one had the "B", and two had "O"s)

Stack the pieces up and glue 'em!  

Then place each center letter stack on top of one of the web edged circles, glue them on and VOILA you are done!  If you want to attach the circles to a hanger, just pick out some cute seasonal ribbon, yarn or twine and attach them using glue or tape.  

If you want to add glitter, I think the edges of the larger circles would look wonderful with a touch of glitter!  

Too cute.....and too simple!

Now that you're all warmed up.......

How about another Boo Banner?

It's as cute and simple as the first one!

Pick some fun ribbon....I love polka dots.....

Again, I used my MS circle cutter, triple web blade and cut out 3 seven inch circles.  Then I cut out two inch scalloped circles.  Cut and glue....

Then, using small red, sparkly, stick on letters, I spelled out "Boo" on the top, small circle, "to" on the middle and "you" on the bottom.

I glued the completed circles on the ribbon that had a hanging loop and a bow at the top. 

Boo To You!

I think these would make cute little you have someone who needs to receive a little something.....hmmm, I think I do.....

I hope you'll give these a try.....where will you hang yours?

Thank you so much for joining me here at Pink Glitter.  I am so glad you stopped looking for more craft ideas right here!

See you lovely Glitterinas soon,

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