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Friday, January 3, 2014

Just a Bit More Snow!

Hello Glitterinas!

There's no snow outside here in Texas, but there are several snowmen sitting around inside our house looking cute!

Is there snow where you live?

Is there a snowman in your front yard?

I have one on my dining room table!

He's rather stylish in his ear muffs and scarf!

I added a pair of tall, painted candlesticks and some mercury glass candle holders to the dining room table.

I also stood Mr. Snow on a cut glass platter with a lacy doily.....he looks good!

What do you think?

Running down the table is a strand of pearly, flat, cream colored beads.....I have them in cream and pink.....I use then quite a bit.  I bought them years ago in Salado....I think they called them table jewelry.  How could I resist?!

Don't I have a white table runner?

Yes, I just took some looking to find it!

It adds a nice touch to this tablescape.....don't you think?

Comparing with and without the beads......

This next picture was taken from a little further can see the snowflakes and crystal drops hanging above the table.

I cut some grape vines from the yard and worked them into the dining room light fixture.

I hung glittered leaves on the vines at Thanksgiving and a few snowflakes for Christmas.

Now, for January, I've added more snowflakes and some crystal drops!

I think it's pretty and it makes me happy.

I like seeing all this pretty snowiness!

Let's make some hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and sit at the table with Mr. Snow.

We can talk about all the fun and interesting things we want to do this year......

Thank you so much for letting me share my dining room table decorations with you.

I am so glad you stopped by.....

Until next time,

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