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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let it Snow....Let it Snow!

Hello Glitterinas!

Thank you so much for joining me here at Pink Glitter.

Have you packed away all of your Christmas decorations?

I have.......and with all my Christmas decorations put away, the house can look a little blah.

Several years ago I had an idea to use snowmen around the house in January.

For many years, I decorated with snowmen for Christmas, so I have quite a collection to pick from.

I like being able to perk up the house with these fun, little friends.....their smiles are so cute!

Here are some of the frosty, little guys that we are enjoying this year.....

I sprinkled some glittery snowflakes around and some mercury glass pieces.

I really like this little guy!

Isn't he a cutie?

A tea light candle looks very pretty in the snow ball he is holding.

Years ago I was given some snowmen plates by one of my second graders.

That cute, little girl is all grown up now and is a mother to a precious, red haired little boy!

That doesn't make me feel old at all!

I just can't start the new year without getting out those are two on top of a cabinet.

And here are the other two.....joined by another snowman on a beige plate.

They look good on the plate rack, don't they?!

This set of dessert plates have served many, many yummy treats over the years.

They are waiting in the kitchen.....I guess I should get busy and make some brownies 

or cookies 

or cobbler

or pie.....

What would you serve on these snowmen plates?

I'll close with this cute, little couple....

Whether you live where it's snowy or sunny~

the snowmen and I wish you a cozy start to 2014!

Next time, I want to share one last snowman with you.....
he's sitting on the dining room table.

Until next time,

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