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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hearts Around the House!

Hello Glitterinas!

Thank you so much for taking time to stop by Pink Glitter
to take a look at some of my favorite "heart things".

You won't find decorations all over the place but I do have some
favorites that I trot out each year!

Many of my favorite valentine decorations are made from vintage children's valentine cards.

Let's take a look.....

This little ribbon has decorated clips that hold some 
cute valentine wishes from Husband and I.

It's pinned on a quilt that's hanging on a large, wooden wardrobe 
we refinished the first summer we were married.

That was 34 years ago.....holy moly....

Here's a wreath that has found the perfect place to hang!

I like it here!  What do you think?

I made this little cutie last's base is a heavy, wire wreath form.

Little pink bows add a nice touch!

There are some little touches of glitter here and there!

Our fireplace certainly needs it's own touch of hearts.....

Cowboy valentine cards on traditional, little heart doilies.....cute little guys!

Let's move on into the kitchen.....

I enjoy having this little table in the kitchen....
sometimes it holds plates, napkins and silverware, 
sometimes it's just a place for pretties.

A heart plate here.....

.....a sign there....

.....some sweet touches we'll enjoy for just a short time.....

......oh, who am I kidding....
my husband will tell me things look nice, but he'd rather see that plate piled with cookies!

I decorate around the house because I enjoy it!

I also enjoy sharing with all of you sweeties who
take time to stop by.

Thanks again for letting me share.

One quick question before I close......

Will you be my Valentine?

Until next time,

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