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Monday, February 17, 2014

Smell the Lovely Lavender

Hello Gliterinas!

Even though we have had some very cold days here in central Texas I find myself
out in the backyard for a little bit each day.

Do you find yourself wanting to be outside?

The pansy plants are still blooming 
and some of the herbs have weathered these crazy freezy days and nights.

The lavender plant did not fair very well, though.

Lil Lavender is the sad, gray plant in the middle of this section of my flower "bed".

I pinched off one of the little, crunchy stems......

sniff, sniff.....hmmmm, that smells good!

I decided to harvest all of what was left of this little plant.

All of the cuttings filled my gathering basket!

I began trimming all of the small, very narrow leaves from the woody stems.

I really enjoy the scent of fresh lavender!

I was pleasantly surprised that the plant had so much scent left in it.

I started out working on the ottoman while watching television.....

hmmm, I might need to go back to kindergarten and work on my scissor skills.

The lavender pieces I was snipping were going everywhere!!

I moved to the kitchen table and paid closer attention to keeping the
lavender over the bowl.

There were just a few woody stems that had no they did not get
snipped into the bowl.

Even though I was being careful to get all of the snipped pieces into the bowl, there was 
one little escapee piece that found it's way into my coffee......good grief!?

I had a lovely bowl full of smelled sooo good.

I wanted to let it dry completely before I did anything with it.  

That gave me a little time to decide what I wanted to do with this
serendipitous harvest!

While the lavender begins to dry out, I'll wish you a lovely day.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out what's happening
here at Pink Glitter!

Next time, I'll share what becomes of my bowl of delicious scented lavender.

Ta Ta, my lovelies,

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