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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Take a Sniff....Take a Look!

Glitterinas, have I got a fun project to share with you?!

The bowl of lavender I harvested has dried out and is ready to be made
into something.

Just like Winnie the Pooh, I had to think, think, think.

There was so much of it, I decided to make something to share with friends.

Little lavender pot pourri bags would be perfect to share and enjoy myself!

Let's get started.....

I scooped..... 

....and filled small, organza bags with the dried lavender.

What a deliciously scented pile of cute, little bags!

These bags are available in many colors and can be found in the bridal section
at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or other craft supply stores.

I searched through my stash of ribbon and "smalls" looking for something to
decorate these little bags with.....

I decided on several types of lavender ribbon 
and some tiny, purple flowers with leaves and berries.

I tied the bows first and then hot glued little berries on some.....

......a flower and a leaf on some.

A few bags got two flowers.......these are turning out cute.....

I only hot glued my fingers once.....being a hot glue gun lover 
from way back, you'd think I could complete a project without getting
any on me.....ummm, nope!

These little pot pourri lovelies are certainly not an original
project but they sure are pretty!

I am going to enjoy sharing these......

I am happy with the way they turned out.

What do you think?

A lavender, lavender collection of loveliness.

Guess what??

I still have some lavender left.....that means I need to think of another project.

I wonder if I could make soap.....or lavender sugar.....oh, so many possibilities.

I am so glad you stopped by.....thank you so much!

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thank you, sweet Glitterinas!

Until next time,

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