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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Cabinet Full of Pretties!

Hello Glitterinas!

Thank you for stopping by to visit all the re-arranging at Pink Glitter!

I was lucky enough to get a pretty little cabinet from Papaw.....he's down-sizing and was not going to use it anymore.

In several past posts I have shared other things about Papaw....he's a great guy!  He is my husband's dad....and he is the only parent we still have to love on.  

Speaking of much do you love this little cutie?

I was so anxious to get it dusted, polished and filled with pretties I didn't even stop to take a picture of it while it was empty.

I had decided that this spot of wall by the windows would be where it lived.  Sure enough, the fit was perfect!  I loved it right there!  

My sweet husband was pleasantly surprised that he didn't have to move it over, how about over here.....hmmm, what would it look like over there?  :)

Each shelf of this little cabinet now holds some of my favorite treasures!

Here's the top holds some of my Mom's pink rose dishes that she collected from their also holds a pink rose platter that served lots of delicious food at my Mother-in law's house.

On the middle shelf, I displayed some angels, some little Mary Engelbreit books, and across the back, some metal picnic plates that look vintage but are actually new.

The bottom shelf might be my favorite.....

It holds stacks of collected, gifted, and inherited linens.....table cloths of all sizes and sets of napkins.  I am lucky enough to have two sets of napkins and several Irish linen table cloths that were Grandparents' wedding gifts!  They are still beautiful and in marvelous shape. Isn't that amazing?

I love using them when I set the table.

The little bone plate is one of a set, the silver cross was a Christmas gift from my parents.....

and the crystal pitcher holds sterling spoons that I've collected here and there over the years.

My little cabinet of pretties also has a cute vignette on know me, I'll decorate anything that stands still!

The little burlap banner was a quick, craft project and the old license plates came out of Papaw's barn.  Do you wish you could visit the old barn with me to find treasures?

This little porcelain heart was a gift many, many years ago from my friend Mary Jane!

Thank you so much for looking through my little cabinet of pretties!

Which shelf do you like?

I am already thinking about changing what's on top.....that should be fun!

Until next time,

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