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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pencils, Cars, and Hearts!

Happy Almost Valentine's Day, Glitterinas!

I have been enjoying all the terrific Valentine ideas on Pinterest.

Do you pin?

There are some crazy crafty creative people out there in Pinterest-land!

I am so glad they share their wonderful ideas......I talked to the grand~darlings about some of these fun ideas for Valentines.

The girls decided they would like to give their buddies at school a pencil.  Our littlest decided he wanted to give cars to his classmates.

OK.....pencils and cars it is!

Now it's time for Gigi to get busy....I love having a project to work on.....and completing a project for the grands is triple FUN!

Let me share the pencil valentine project first......

From Pinterest, I picked the saying "You are WRITE for me!"

Isn't that just "write" for a pencil Valentine? hee hee

I designed and printed the greeting.....
each one got a cute little heart !

Slice, slice.....very thankful for my time saving paper cutter.

Next part....a larger rectangle of valentine paper.

Slice, your fingers!

Now, this larger paper piece gets two slits, one at the top and 
one at the bottom, to hold the pencil.  I used my Dad's heavy duty x-acto knife.

Whew.....always glad to finish with that sharp bugger.....and get it put away!

All that's left to do now, is assemble the parts.....LOVE this part!

I found a tape runner and some refills at Hobby Lobby on the sale I bought them and decided to break them open for this project.

Worked like a charm!

I glued the greeting on top of the valentine paper.

Fed the pencil through the slits....

and hot glued a puffy heart on to secure the pencil to the paper.

I was worried that the pencils might slip out.


I think the girls will like their valentines.

What do you think?

A nice, big, plastic zip bag would hold each girls' set of valentines.....
but you know, I could make a cute bag for them.

Ooooh, good idea....

These little handle bags will be easy for them to carry......
and they're kinda cute, too.....don't you think?

A twist of burlap ribbon, some crepe paper, some paper circles all glued onto a kraft paper bag......yep, I like 'em!

Pencil project.....check!

Let's move on to Hudson's car valentines!

Again, Pinterest to the rescue.....

Valentine, I "WHEELIE" like you!


These were crazy easy and fast to make.....yay!

Here we go.....vroooom, vrooooom.....

Again, I designed the greeting, printed them out, and cut them apart.

Gathered the little cars, the clear, plastic bags, my stapler,
and some little colored, foam heart stickers.

A little car and some colorful foam heart stickers were popped into
a bag....a car card was stapled on.....


I like the addition of the little foam hearts.....I am glad I picked those up.

So, do these rev up your heart?

A cute bag to carry these valentines in was next.....

I like this one, too!

 I'll be delivering their filled bags when the grand~darlings come over to make their valentine mail boxes to take to school!

I am looking forward to crafting with those three cuties.....the oldest is very creative, so I am really looking forward to seeing what she creates.

I have a basket of craft goodies all ready.....when they get here we'll dig through and inspect all the contents.....and let the creative juices flow.

I hope you have a chance to let your creative juices flow for Valentine's Day.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you've been up to......I'd love to hear
all about your Valentine creations.

Thank you so much for dropping by Pink Glitter and letting me share 
my quick and simple valentine projects with you.

Until next time,

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