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Friday, March 21, 2014

Sunshine....Where Are You?

Warm weather is coming to stay, isn't it, Glitterinas?

We have had some crazy, cold weather here in Central Texas this year.

I think there's quite a few warm weather loving Texans who
are about done with the cold.

Done, I tell you!

The weatherman announced that Spring was officially here......

I was cruisin' around a favorite store the other day and saw a cute
container for flip flops that would be so cute out by the pool.  It was a bit pricey, though.

As I inspected this cute receptacle, I found myself wishing for warm, 
sunny days when we're out by the pool.

When I came out of my sunshiney filled reverie, I decided I could
make something that would work without being so expensive and would be cute, too.

I found a large, plastic flower pot that was just what I needed.

Using a sharpie marker, I wrote "flip flops"..... 

and drew some dots....


Now, let's get out those big beach towels we use out at the pool......and inflate
all those fun pool toys!

Come on sunshine, you have lots and lots of fans waiting for you!

Glitterinas, are you wishing for sunshine to warm your days?

Thanks bunches for checking in......

Until next time,

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