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Monday, May 19, 2014

What's Fun About Chicken Salad?

Hello Glitterinas!

Do you like chicken salad?

Husband and I do.  

We like homemade chicken salad and 
friends and I have found a couple of local eateries 
that have a yummy offering of this particular comfort food.

I make it with roasted chicken, some mayo and pickle relish.

It's yummy this way.

Simple, quick and yummy.....that's a hard combo to beat!

Sometimes, I make it with roasted chicken, some mayo, a bit of mustard,
a little pickle relish and some 
chopped red onion.

It's yummy like this, too.

When I'm feeling really wild and crazy....I make it with roasted chicken, some mayo, 
green grapes and walnuts.....craziness, I tell you!

Chicken salad is a recipe that every cook can put their own personal
spin on.....that's the best kind of recipe!

So, what's fun about chicken salad?

Serve it in.....

Mason jars!

The fun factor of just about any food can be ramped up by putting it
into a Mason jar.

Do you agree?

Now, yummies like cotton candy and corn dogs are probably high enough on the 
fun-o-meter without being plopped into one of these little, glass cuties.....

but chicken salad.....

......more fun in a Mason jar!

Let's make some chicken salad.....get comfy.....I'll get started.

Mix up chopped chicken, a plop of mayo and a spoonful of relish.

Yes, some of my recipes are a bit relaxed....but I like it that way!

 I begin assembling the jars by putting lettuce on the bottom.

Next, pack in some chicken.....

Wipe the rims, if any of the chicken mixture gets on the jar.

Finish off with some more lettuce and some chopped tomatoes.

This is where you can add your own special, favorite ingredient or two!

If I am serving these at home....I am finished!

If I am taking these little cuties somewhere they'll get a lid and some 
kind of little, cute decoration.....a tag, a ribbon, a cupcake paper under the lid....

but these are being eaten right here at home....

So onto a glass plate with something to drink....

yum and done!

What are your favorite chicken salad ingredients?

Thank you for joining me while I put this simple meal together.

I am so glad you stopped by!

Until next time,

Thankful for:
our comfortable home

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