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Friday, May 9, 2014


Bok, Bok, Girls.....this is how I call my chickens!

And they come running, Glitterinas.

They live in their own little pasture area 
with a house where they stay safe at night.

I call their little house "The Palais de Poulet".

Now, I love those crazy birds but they are messy!

Today I am going to have a spring cleaning party
at The Palais de Poulet.

I gathered up a leaf rake, a large shovel, a heavy glove, 
some fresh hay and put it all in the wheel barrow and rolled it from the barn 
out to the chickens' little house.

Let the shoveling and the fluffing begin.....

Jane was there to make sure I got things done just right!

She was checking all the corners.....

Harriet was on the perch area to help Jane inspect as I worked.

I began by cleaning the hay out of the nest boxes. 
Then clean hay was placed into each box.

This is where the chickens lay their eggs each day.

The nest boxes get fluffed with new, clean hay frequently.

Jane checks this way.....

....and that way......clucking all the time!

Jacqueline and Alice decided they couldn't leave all of the
quality control to Jane and Harriet so here they came......

Jane declared that the new, clean hay was perfect!

With the nest boxes all fluffed it was time to start shoveling the poo.....Jane is
showing me exactly where she thinks I need to start.....

All of the chickens sleep on the perches at night....
that's why there is lots to shovel under the perches.

A wheel barrow full.....

Goodness.....that's lots of Palais de Poulet poo!

And Inspector Jane thinks it looks good!

Glad my work passed inspection.....

The leaf rake was put to good use raking up the feathers from the dirt floor of the house.


Let me introduce you to some of the other girls.....they stayed outside while
I worked on this cleaning project!

They are scratching for bugs around the edge of their yard.

They stay busy, busy during the day.
Some fly over the fence to go down to the barn 
and hang out with the pigs for a while!

Rosamond and the guineas, Violet and Pearl, 
are in the foreground of this picture.

Here are Margaux and Martha.

Here's Marilyn, with her pretty "hat" feathers.

Phoebe and Jacqueline.

Victoria and Giselle.

The two guineas provide protection for the chickens.

They raise quite the racket when they perceive any type of danger....
the cat, a hawk swooping down too low, or their favorite type of enemy, a snake.

The guineas will attack a snake to protect the chickens.

Brave, feathered friends!

There are a few others in this bevy of beauties.....
Mary Margaret, Diana, Mary, Anne, 
Joan, Adelaide, and Eleanor.

As I finished up my clean up chore, I gave the girls some scratch grains.....they love it!
I like a cookie for a treat.....the girls like scratch grains for their treat!

I am glad to have this spring cleaning chore done.

A fluffed up Palais de Poulet!

Now, onto the next chore on my list.....

I hope you have some time to get your spring cleaning chores
started soon.

What will you do first?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

Thanks so much for sharing some time with the girls and me today.


Tah Tah, Glitterinas!



  1. I think this is my favorite post so far!!!!

  2. Thanks, Marla....I am glad you liked it! Thanks also for taking time to read each post!