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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Egg Sandwich, Anyone?

Hello, Glitterinas!

Do you ever eat breakfast food for lunch or dinner?  

I'd like to make a quick and simple open face egg sandwich for you.

Let's get started.....gather up a few basic sandwich things.

Whole wheat bread,
ranch dressing,
baby greens,
cheese.....and eggs.

Start with a little ranch on each slice of bread.

Throw on a little bit of green salad mix.

This is our favorite lettuce mix.....

Sprinkle on some grated cheese.....though, any type of cheese will work.

Use your favorite cheese....or build your sandwich without it.

My favorite bread is HEB's seven grain artisan bread, but sadly I only had the little bitty
end pieces, and they won't really work for this sandwich....sigh.

So, let's continue with good ol' Mrs. Baird's whole wheat bread for our foundation!

We've stacked up all of the layers except the final one.....eggs!

I wish you could see the pretty blue and green of these two, fresh eggs.

Into the skillet....

Go ahead and break the yolks because I don't want these sandwiches to
have runny yolks when we bite into them.

While we are working here at the stove, I want to show you
the cute, tin pig, my friend Deborah, gave me.

I use it to keep two or three pot holders at the ready....
it could also keep napkins nice and neat at the table.

Isn't it so cute?

Our eggs are cooking away......

Give each a sprinkle of fresh, ground black pepper.

Flip the egg~ies over......our sandwiches are almost finished now!

Don't overcook the eggs.....stack an egg on each sandwich.

Oooooey goooooey.....the cheese begins to melt.....

There you go!

Add a beverage and some fruit, if you'd like.....done!

A quick yet delicious lunch to enjoy!  
One sandwich for you and one for me.

Thank you for stopping by to enjoy a quick lunch with me.

I hope you are finding some joy in each of these days as they fly by.....

Until next time,

Thankful for: 

knowing Jesus loves me 
having a kind and loving husband

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