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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Farm Fresh Eggs and a Guest Chef!

Hello, Glitterinas!

You've stopped by Pink Glitter on a delicious day.

Grand~Darling Emery and I are making some yummy egg cups to serve for breakfast!

Here's our chef now.....she has put some hash brown potatoes and
breakfast sausage into greased cupcake spots.

The chickens here at Five Gables Farm provided the fresh eggs.

Now, we're scrambling an egg to go into each cupcake spot.

Good job, Emery!

A twist of pepper.....

A pinch of pink salt....

.....and the yummy, little egg creations are ready for the oven!

Do I have the cutest chef working in my kitchen or what?!

Now, we come to the difficult part......
waiting 17 minutes for these little yummies to bake.

Maybe a little strawberry milk will help the time go faster.

Good this timer working?!

Out of the oven and ready for some shredded cheese....

The picks are marking the special egg cups for Em and Pops.....
these each have two sausages in them!

Let's set the table.....pretty glass plates, juice glasses, napkins and some
flowers that are almost as pretty as Em!

The table is ready for Emery, Pops and Gigi to have our delicious breakfast!

Now these are good!

Egg cups, fruit and juice make a delicious meal.

Everyone gets a "Good Eater" award for breakfast!

Emery is a good kitchen helper......let's clean up!

Into the dishwasher.....then we get dressed and go outside to play!

Fun times at Pops' and Gigi's house......

Thanks for stopping by and doing some baking with Chef Emery.

Give these little egg cups a try.....add your favorite ingredients to make them just right
for your crew!

Make 'em fancy with sour cream, caviar and a dill garnish.

Make 'em spicy with sour cream, spicy salsa and a cilantro garnish!

Whatever you put in them or on them, you'll have a yummy breakfast
to serve!

Will you have a guest chef, too?

Until next time,

Thankful for:

two wonderful daughters
a thoughtful son in law
our three precious grand~darlings

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