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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall is Finding It's Way to My House!

Hello, Glitterinas!

Has the weather where you are 
started to give you subtle, little
hints about Fall being on it's way?

We have had some cool evenings.....and even
better, some cooling rains!

Thank you, Lord, for every drop of rain you have sent to
Five Gables Farm!

Since I can feel Fall coming and my calendar
is showing the first day of Fall approaching....
I need to start getting ready!

Out come the boxes of pumpkins
and scarecrows....

Owls and leaves....

Grapevines and gourds!

The first place Fall visited in our home this year
was the fireplace.

I began with.... old galvanized tub and a vintage 
picture frame.

Good ol' hay went into the tub along with some 
fall leaves and horse apples.

My sweet son in law, Jason, stopped beside the road
one day after work and gathered these horse apples for me.

I've always known he was a keeper!

Then it was time to add some pumpkins....
the big glittery one is my favorite!

Wish it looked as pretty 
in the picture as it is in reality.

Let's add 
some small Fall picks,
some Indian corn, 
a raffia bow,
some little scarecrow buddies,
an apple or two,
a lone sunflower,
the kitchen sink....oh wait, not that....

or in other words....
Tammy's stash of Fall "little stuff"....

 and see what we come up with!

Then looped around the whole kit and caboodle
you'll see some grapevine!

I think it's done!

What do you think, Glitterinas?

Too much.....not enough.....hmmmm.

Here is what the whole fireplace area
looks like....

Some funny, tall scarecrows found their 
way to the mantel.....

.....along with some other

The pennant banner is new this year.

It reads "Hocus Pocus".....I'll
share how I made it in a future post.
It was simple and quick to would be a fun
project to make with children!

I'll be sharing some more Fall touches that have found their way
to my house.

Here's a sneek peek at some:

Candy Corn Pocket

Glitter Spoons

and a
Framed Halloween Collage.

Oh my goodness, Glitterinas, it's going to
be a craft-a-palooza!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

You are so kind to take time from your
day to check out what's going 
on here at
Pink Glitter!

Until next time,

Thankful for:

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