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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CrAFt-a-PoLooZA.....More Glitter.....YAY!

More glitter.....more glitter.....

Hello, Glitterinas!

Guess what craft supply I'm using today?!


Come on into my craft room.....and let's get craftin'.....

We're starting off with some
old silver ware my Father In Law
gave me.

In previous posts, I've shared some interesting 
things that came from Papaw's barn....well, he has 
interesting things to share from his house, too!

I was reading a blog one day that showed
 a hutch containing lovely dishes.

That hutch also had some pegs displaying spoons that had
been decorated with small clip art.

I was intrigued with those spoons!

I wanted to try and make some......and guess what?!

I had some spoons from Papaw that were perfect
for this project.

Don't you love it when things happen like that??

Since Halloween is the next holiday, I decided to 
decorate my spoons with pumpkins, 
cats, and maybe a witchy poo or two.

Free clip art is available if this is something
you want to try, it's easy to start!

I chose two spoons to cover with 
orange and black glitter.

I used white school glue....

As I was glittering, I decided not to make all the
spoons for Halloween.

I decided I wanted two Halloween spoons,
two Christmas spoons,
and two Springtime spoons.....

Yep, I liked that little brain blip!

Let's continue.....

Once the spoons were glittered, I cut out the clip art
pictures and began to play with the arrangement....

I knew I wanted clip art and ribbon.....
maybe a button....maybe other "littles".....

This is what I ended up hot gluing on the
orange glitter spoon.

I like the way this one turned out.

I bet you have some silver ware that
would make cute decorations to
hang up and bring a touch of Halloween 
to your house!

Wanna see the other Halloween spoon?

It's sparkly and spooky with black glitter....

Isn't that little cat adorable?!

So, there you have the two Halloween spoons.....

.....and here they are hanging in the dining room.

I think I'll enjoy the Christmas spoons, too.

Same process.....glitter the spoon, 
trim the clip art.
pick out other embellishments,
play with the arrangement,

Here's a look at the completed spoons....

That plaid button is perfect....

These little cuties might be fun to tie on 
a special Christmas gift....

What do you think about that, Glitterinas?

Sweet Baby Jesus

Here are the two Christmas spoons....

Last but certainly not least....

I made two Springtime spoons.

The darker the glitter color, the better the coverage.

I like the royal blue and the purple.

The blue spoon has a crepe paper ruffle behind the bowl.

Are you all glittered out?

Here's a quick project that might be my favorite.....

A Hocus Pocus banner.

I started with the freebie that
Giggles and Grace offered.....

How sweet is that?

Their banner read
"Trick or Treat"
I wanted mine to say
"Hocus Pocus"


I punched out circles
that matched the size of the
circles on the banner pieces....

....added stick on letters....
and made a spider web circle
to cover the "or" banner piece.

Using a tape runner, I taped the circles 
onto the banner pieces.

When all the pieces were ready, I used tiny clothes pins to
hang the banner on the

Two fun projects....I hope you'll
give them a try!

Let me know how things turn out....
share pictures!

Glitterinas, I am so glad you stopped by
Pink Glitter today. Thank you!

Until next time,


  1. Those spoons look amazing. I never would have thought to do that.

  2. Thanks, Keitha! If you give some old spoons a glitter re-make, please share pics!
    Thanks for reading Pink Glitter! I appreciate it!