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Friday, September 19, 2014

HoCus POcUs.....It's a CraFT-a-PoLooZA!

Welcome, welcome Glitterinas!

Plug in those glue guns, 
sharpen up those scissors
and let's get that glitter flowing.....

We're crafting today here at Pink Glitter!

The first project that we're gonna crank out is
a knock-off of a seasonal
door hanger for sale in this catalogue.....

I love this company's products.  They are
new, different, and creative......they are also
usually rather expensive!

This door hanger caught my eye....

A big candy corn with a seasonal
arrangement in cute!

I loved it!

I did not like the almost 
$300 dollar price tag!


Let's see what we can whip up
with some craft supplies and a little 
imagination, Glitterinas....

HoCus POcUs.....

Ah ha....pretties to go in a cute candy corn holder....

My magic did not produce a 
giant candy corn to put an
autumn arrangement in.....poop!

But, I do have a brown fabric bag that 
I think I can work some magic on....

if it was folded.....

and if it was, I sketched the 
scalloped edges....

....chose my candy corn colors....
white, gold, and yellow.

I love Martha Stewart's metallic paint!

OK, little bag....get ready to be 
transformed into a candy corn!

While you are reading this, I hope you are thinking about
something in your stash that would make a perfect
candy corn!  

Or just maybe, you have a big ol'
candy corn in your bag of tricks that
is just waiting to be made into an
autumn chic door decoration!

It seems my candy corn needs two coats of paint.....

Ah, much better.....

Using school glue, I glittered the
scalloped edge of each color....I used a copper color glitter.
Oooops, no picture....sorry.

OK, Glitterinas, now let's see what 
we can do about filling this candy corn bag.

I started with some "poofs" of
brown, sparkly tulle.

Several poofs later......not really sure I like it.....

It's not generally in my nature to take
sparkly away....usually I'm a member of the
"add more sparkle" school.

Oh well, there's a first time for everything, I guess.....

OUT with several of the poofs, 
and IN with 
some leaves,
some berries, 
and pretty ribbon loops....

There you go!

An autumn chic decoration!

What do you think??

Can we make one more quick project??

Pretty please.....

A banner that reads "WICKED".

Pick a font you like.....I liked this one, it's
Academy Engraved at 400 points.

Print the letters out on colored paper and trim.

Tack each letter on some type of hanging string.  
I used thin orange cord and hot glue.

Tie some bows with ribbon you think
will look good on your banner....

Attach the bows to your banner.....

HoCus POcUs.....

The hardest part of this project is deciding where
it will be displayed during the
Halloween season!

Thanks for joining me for this

Next time, we'll be making some more
glittery, seasonal things to
help get your house ready for
Fall and Halloween!

You are the best, Glitterinas!

Until next time,

Thankful for:
a wonderful husband

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