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Monday, September 15, 2014

Introducing Zig and Sharko!

Glitterinas, I am so glad you are here

I recently met a pair of delightful scamps
named Zig and Sharko......and I want to
introduce them to you.

Zig is a crazy, busy little guy who is always
after the delightful mermaid, Merina.

Sharko is the wonderful and heavily muscled
character who swoops in to
save Merina and clobber Zig!

Every time!

Every.  Time.

Sound like a crazy cartoon?!?!

Well, it is.

Our oldest grand~darling loves these crazies....she likes
watching their antics and they make her laugh out loud.

She wanted Zig and Sharko to be the theme at
her 8th Birthday Party.

So, without any further ado or chatter by me....

I give you
Zig and Sharko!

Didn't I tell you Sharko saves Merina and clobbers Zig
every time he tries something fishy??!!

Miss Beautiful Birthday Girl Avery had a fun
gathering of friends and family to help her celebrate
her special day!

All the party people started the festivities with a
tropical cheek tattoo....flamingoes and sea shells were popular!

They blew and chased gigantic bubbles.....

.....and played ping pong.....

....and visited and ate grilled hamburgers and hot dogs......

....and swam and splashed.....

.....and silly ol' Zig made a promise....

Her tropical theme cupcakes were so pretty
and the experts thought they were yummy, too!

Before Miss Birthday blew out her candles,
Sharko gave everyone some advice.....

We all sang loudly!

Lots of fun and colorful decorations help make
the pool pavilion very festive for Avery's
special day.

Zig and Sharko helped, too.....

I am glad I got to meet these crazy characters,
how about you?

I am also glad you stopped by Pink Glitter
today.....and let me share a special
day our family celebrated a very
special girl!

Until next time, Glitterinas,

Thankful for:

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