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Monday, October 3, 2016

Gigi's a LifeLong Learner!

Do you ever use that term, Glitterinas?

I heard it many time as a teacher......but now that I'm 
retired, I am a life long learner!

My most recent foray into the realm of learning
was at a two day 
floral design workshop at 
Texas A&M.

I'm a graduate of that university and love 
any chance to be on campus....
do you ever return to your 
college alma mater, Glitterinas?

I love strolling around campus and 
soaking in all the beautiful trees 
and the friendly 
greetings that the students say 
when you pass them.

Yes, I love it there!

Now that I've chased that rabbit.....I'll get back to 
my new learning.

This was our teacher.
He is a Texas Master Florist.

He is a graduate of The Benz School of Floral Design.

He teaches floral design I and II at a large high school
along with other classes.

He makes beautiful designs for weddings and funerals.

Oh, and most importantly to me.....
he's my better half.

He has been for 37 years!

Hey, handsome!

I sat way in the back of the classroom.....I was a bit 
worried about being the prime example of how 
to make all the designs we were going to make!

Day One was all about taping, wiring, 
and preparing flowers.
There was all kinds of style and
 shape design..... to grade, what to grade, and 
some simple, inexpensive floral items to 
have students make and re-make.

Day Two.....

We started out with a boutonniere.....
we wired, clipped, and then assembled the pieces
and taped it all together.....

.....not too shabby.

Next, we made an arrangement in a 
tall, glass bud vase.

We watched how to do each step and then 
were told to get busy.

This is how mine turned out.....

A bit of ribbon decoration on the vase to start
and then 
the cute Billy Balls (round, yellow puffs) were added
wire coils were created to support the Gerber daisies.

I also added jewel pins in the center of the 
Gerbers......yes, I did!

I was so pleased with myself I could have stopped here and 
been quite happy with my learning attempt!

But on we went..... up was an arrangement that was a bit more masculine.

It would contain fresh asparagus and mushrooms along with 
some other interesting greenery and dried orbs.

This arrangement was the hardest for me.....

I just kept adding little bits of greenery until 
the design wasn't quite so pitiful looking.

From here we went on to a design that 
had lots of PINK!

I love's been my favorite color


I don't think this design looked any better than my last
one, it just was more fun because of the color!

The base of this design is a square pink bowl
with florist foam and green trick 

I followed directions and added the lovely,
pink roses and filled in with small pieces of 
purple lymonium.

Midolino sticks of pink and green went in next.....

......and I used some scrap ribbon to make a butterfly.

This was not part of the example design, but what was 
the teacher going to do.....
ask me to leave?!

This was my finished piece.

We finished up with a corsage.....

I didn't want mine to look like anyone else's
I didn't use any flowers, 
I used hypericum berries.

The base of the corsage was a twisty wire 
wristlet with 
loops of pink, sparkly ribbon......
.....I wondered if I could make a ring base
out of wire too?

Sure enough, I could......and I did!

I topped the wire with some greenery, a small piece of 
purple lymonium, and a light pink flower.


I enjoyed making these floral designs and I 
didn't get into too much trouble.....
when the day started I thought that was 
a distinct possibility!

I even got a certificate!

Yay Gigi!

Handsome teacher got a big hug and smooch for 
putting up with problem student at the 
back of the room!

Glitterinas, thank you so much for letting me
share my learning experience with you!

If you ever have a chance to take a floral 
design class and you have an interest in it....
do it!  
You'll have as much fun as I did!

Until next time, 
Tammy, the floral Glitterina

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