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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Texas In Bloom

We have bluebonnets blooming 
in our yard!

When I see these small plants 
coming up....

.... sprinkled around Five Gables Farm.....

....I do my happy dance because they will 
soon have beautiful bluebonnets 
blooming on them!

Lovely ones like these....

......and these.

We have several big patches this year.

Our largest spot with bluebonnets is 
this patch out front.

So beautiful!

We have a large field across the driveway 
from the barns where we 
have some very fun parties.

We have

Fourth of July fireworks & sparklers.....

Halloween games...

Easter egg hunts....

and wildflower seed stomps!

The wildflower seed stomps have yielded these 

Pink bonnets!

These pretties have had their picture taken 
several times already this season!

Aggie bonnets.....
aka. Texas Maroon Bluebonnets!

We really enjoy all these Texas flowers
that make their debut each Spring!

Texas has other colorful wildflowers, too!

Purple verbena,

maroon wine cups,
yellow, black eyed Susans,
yellow straw flowers,

red Indian paint brushes,
yellow and orange Mexican fire wheels,
yellow primroses,
pink buttercups 

are all part of the rainbow of wildflowers 
we are lucky to enjoy here each Spring!

What wildflowers do you enjoy, Glitterinas?

Tell me which ones you like
have blooming near you.

I am so glad you took time to read this post 
Pink Glitter......

Thank you!

Until next time,

Here's a surprise give away for you......

I have four packages of 
Texas Maroon Bluebonnet
to give away!

The first four people who comment 
that they would like a package of these 
seeds will get one!

Good Luck! 

Aren't you glad you read all the way through 
this post?!


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