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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Don't Miss Any of The Fun!

Glitterinas, I don't want you to 
miss any of the posts from  
Pink Glitter!

You'll get simple and easy to make
craft ideas.

You'll see how to make yummy recipes
that are great for any size group you might be feeding.

You'll see interesting seasonal vignettes
and decor ideas that might just inspire you
to have a little fun with your own decor!

Get each post delivered right to your

Go to the right hand side of any of my
blog posts
and find this box.....

.....fill in the e-mail address where 
you'd like to receive
Pink Glitter posts.

Thank you for signing up to receive 
Pink Glitter 
posts right to your mail box!

I have so many fun craft ideas, 
yummy recipes, 
seasonal fun,
interesting decor ideas 
to share with you!

See you soon......right in your mail box,


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