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Monday, December 30, 2013

Let's Have Lunch!

Hello Glitterinas!

We recently had a get together with some family from the southern part of our Lone Star state.

They drove up for lunch and a visit on a chilly day.....

and it was so good to see them!

Papaw decided to let the chicken place in town do the cooking.....

We even used paper plates....plastic forks and cups.....

So we had a good lunch with easy and fast clean up!


We spent the day visiting, telling stories, being silly, and laughing.

Our group was mostly adults and some high school aged kids....

with one little guy.

He is such a cutie!  

He enjoyed feeding and petting the chickens.....

Talking to the pigs.....

Little Mr. W is two years old.....he tried and tried to OINK....

it's harder than you think!

I think he liked our sweet barn cat, Miss Olympia, the best!

He liked the box of toys Papaw had, too!

After hugs all around, it was time for our travelers to get on the road....

We had a full day....and we're looking forward to Easter when we'll gather again!

As fast as time passes, it will be time for new Easter dresses and shirts and ties for church, baskets of chocolate bunnies and hunting for pretty eggs before we know it!

I hope you are enjoying these days as one year transitions to the next....

and I hope you have gotten to spend time with family and friends that make you happy!

Thank you so much for stopping by Pink Glitter today!

Until next time,

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