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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vrooom, Vroooom~ Nascar in Vegas!

Glitterinas, do you have a need for speed?

I basically do not......however,

while Husband and I were in Las Vegas the top dozen Nascar drivers, who definitely do have a need for speed, were there for their big, annual award ceremony.

I know next to nothing about Nascar but I have some friends who are huge fans!

This post is for them!

One day while Robin, Debbie and I were out sight seeing on the Strip, the drivers were having their
"Burn Out" up and down the Strip.  

They spin, spin, spin their cars and burn out the back tires creating lots of stinky smoke and lots of screaming from fans!

While I was taking all these pictures of the cars and drivers, I laughed, and felt like all the excitement was somewhat wasted on an onlooker like know, kind of a non-fan.....

Oh well, I want to share the snaps I took.

I hope there are some Nascar fans who enjoy these......

Here come the cars.....revving their engines and making lots of noise!

I had fun watching the 2 "minions" from the movie Despicable Me.  
They put on quite a show, too!

When the drive up and down the Strip and the burn out were complete the drivers pulled their cars up near where we were standing.  They exited their cars and got into vans.  

They seemed quite friendly.....waving and smiling at all the screaming fans that had gathered to watch all the excitement!

I liked the M&M car the best but may have been the only person who did.  There was some boo-ing to greet that driver....I believe his name is Kyle.

I waved at the Number 39 driver and he smiled back and waved....kinda exciting, even though, oh well, you know my knowledge level on Nascar! 

I got to have my picture taken with the M&M car.

It's still my favorite!

Yes, that's M&M World behind me.....yes, I went in and bought LOTS of M&M's.....for the grand~darlings.....that's my story!

Vroooom, Vrooooom......

I hope there are Nascar fans out there in blogland who enjoyed my snaps.

The next time a Nascar race is on TV I may have to watch....who knows, I might become a knowledgeable fan.....stranger things have happened....right Donna, Mark?!?!

Is anyone in your house a Nascar fan?

Thanks for stopping by Pink Glitter today!  I appreciate you spending some time with me!

Until next time,

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