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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vegas, Baby!

Hello Glitterinas!

Have you visited Las Vegas?  Did you enjoy it?

I spent last week in Las Vegas.  I had never been I was a total tourist!

Husband was there for meetings, so he and I enjoyed some amazing restaurants, walked up and down the Strip, and were amazed by all the lights in the evenings.

I had two lovely friends to cruise around with during the day.....their husbands were there for meetings, too!

Here we were in Caesar's Palace. 

 I wanted to get my picture with a gladiator, but sadly, we didn't see any!

While we didn't see any gladiators....that may have been the only thing we didn't see!

Floors, ceilings, mosaics, flower arrangements, art, water fountains, signs, restaurants, shops, statues, and the people are all over the top in Vegas!

We walked and walked and saw....

This ceiling at The Venetian was awesome.

The men and women steering and rowing the gondolas sang beautifully.

The mosaic floors and carpeting at the Wynn were absolutely lovely!  

Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies!

The famous Bellagio Fountains did not disappoint.
They were fun to watch during the day but seemed even more spectacular at night!

Freemont Street is an interesting was a mad crush of people and even more of those crazy Vegas lights I had always heard about.

We had so many yummy food options....there are wonderful restaurants in many, many hotels/casinos.

We ate very well!

Being a lover of all things Christmas, I think we visited Vegas at just the perfect time!  

The decorations were fabulous!  

I had to keep reminding myself to look without giggling....and to stop saying "Oh my goodness, look at this!"

This guy had a very unique hair do.....Robin and Debbie are both bundled up because it was COLD!

I think my favorite thing in Las Vegas was the Bellagio Lobby ceiling.  

This is a 40,000 pound Chihuly glass installation!

Chihuly glass pieces are also available to see up close and purchase in a small shop.....small describes the size of the shop not the prices of the glass pieces!

Books about Dale Chihuly and his work all over the world were also available here.

This blue-tiful glass piece was in a small Bellagio cocktail lounge.

Crazy pretty!

Well, that's enough Vegas sharing for now.

Happy decorating, if you are right in the big middle of that fun activity!

Merry Christmas, Glitterinas!

Thanks bunches for letting me share my Las Vegas trip with you.

I am glad you stopped by Pink Glitter today.....please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of all the Vegas snaps!  Do you have a favorite spot in Vegas?

Until next time,

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