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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Hello Glitterinas!

Thank you for joining me here at
Pink Glitter!

Today I'm sharing a new
project or two, that add a little touch of 
Halloween to a tabletop.

Let's start with a very quick and easy project
that you can complete in just a few minutes.

You'll need:

a picture frame
some seasonal clip art
some seasonal scrapbook paper
a few glitter embellishments ( if you want)

I started with the vintage Halloween post
card and the children's book page with a
 seasonal poem.

I shuffled them around to find the
best way to show them off.

Then I removed the advertising paper that
came in the frame and flipped it over
to use as a base.

I glued pieces of the seasonal scrapbook 
paper on for the background.....then glued on the 
post card and the poem page.

Lastly, I added a couple of glittery touches.....

The paper was ready to go back into the frame.

Here it is......sitting on a table with a picture 
of our daughters the year they trick-or-treated together as clowns!


You could make many seasonal pages to go into a
frame....and just switch them as you change out
 your seasonal decor!

How fun!

Wanna use some more fun clip art, Glitterinas?

When I begin looking for vintage Halloween clip art,
I can easily become overwhelmed by all the 
amazing items I find!

Do you ever get lost in the process......goodness!

I pick out several favorites and then STOP....
otherwise I'd be oohing and aaahing 
all day!

Here are some quick and easy, small 
Halloween games I made to tuck 
around on the dining room table.

Some added buttons, crepe paper fringe or rounds, glitter stick ons, 
and ribbon finish up each piece of clip art.

Here they are on the dining room table.....

I used a large web-looking circle, made with a
Martha Stewart Circle Cutter,
for the background of this scalloped piece 
of clip art.

Little pieces around the edge.....

......then scalloped piece in the center.

Using a small clothes pin, I hung this round piece on 
a lamp in the dining room.

Thanks for letting me share all these Halloween
touches from around the house!

I hope you'll try your hand at 
one of these.....then share pics of your creation!

Y'all are the best, Glitterinas!

Until next time,

Thankful for:
all our wonderful trees

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