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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Softly call the Muster........

Thank you so much, Glitterinas,
 for opening this 
post of 
Pink Glitter!

I am sharing something very close to my 
family's heart today.

We lost our marvelous 
Papaw Jack last fall....

.....he is missed....

 .....but it's selfish of me to cry
over this loss because he is so happy in
Heaven and I love thinking about all his happy reunions there!

Several of our family members
have graduated from
Texas A&M University....

Papaw was the first!

Next came his son, my sweet husband....

then me....

our niece....

and our youngest daughter!


A&M has a wonderful tradition that takes
place all over the world, each year,
where ever two or more Aggies can gather on April 21st....

Aggie Muster.

It's a ceremony to honor and remember
all the Aggies who have lost their lives during
the year.

There is a roll call of those who have passed,
and a friend and/or loved one who is
present answers "Here".

It's very moving whether you are answering for
a friend or loved one or not.

My sister-in-love and I attended the
Muster this year.....

......along with about three hundred others.

We had a nice, large high school multi-purpose 
area to use.

The Aggie Club Muster committee did a 
lovely job this year.

Each Aggie whose name was called had a family member 
or friend to answer for them.

Those who were answering were given a candle 
to light as their Aggie's name was called.

This is an extremely solemn and meaningful 
tradition for 
Aggies all over the world.

I have attended many Muster ceremonies,
and have only answered for two Aggies 
I've personally's very memorable.

Whether you are an Aggie or not, if you ever get invited to 
attend Muster with an Aggie buddy, 
you should take the opportunity.

It's an evening you won't soon forget!

Thanks again for joining me here at 
Pink Glitter.....

I appreciate you letting me share this year's 
Williamson County
Aggie Muster with you!

Gig 'em Aggies,

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