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Friday, April 7, 2017

Big Ol' Carrots....

.....for a bunny that eats wooden carrots!

I made some carrots to stake in the area 
where we'll be taking Easter pictures.

I'm really looking forward to our 
fun family
all coming to Five Gables Farm 
for Easter!

When we get together I love to take lots and 
lots of pictures.

I like having a special, designated 
place to take group shots.

Here's some shots from 
Easters past....

Our old well house makes a good backdrop.

I put up some colorful pennants, 
add a bale of hay 
or chair
or bench 
for a seat,

and this year 
we'll have carrots in the foreground!

I started with these wooden carrots 
that were cut for me by oldest 

Her Mom and Dad helped a little.

They each got several coats of 

.....and some accent lines to help them look a bit more 
like carrots.

Since these will be outside, they each got a spritz of 
polyurethane for weather protection.

I used some more of the tin curlies that were 
given to me...

......these got some green glitter spray 

Once everything was dry, the assembly 
of the parts began.

Finished carrots!

Husband will add stakes so they'll 
stand up.

A couple of my favorite inspectors 
came down to see the finished carrots.

Now I just have to wait until 
Easter to put them out.....

......waiting is hard, Glitterinas!

It's not hard to say thank you so much 
for taking time to let me share a project with you!

I really appreciate you taking time to 
read about my thoughts and look at the pictures 
I share.

Thank you so much!

Until next time,

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