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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A New to Me, Old Door!

My sweet husband pulled an old,
dirty door out of a storage shed that was 
being cleared out.

He knew it was something I 
would love!

He got major brownie points 
for dragging this piece home for me!

Wash, wash, wash.....
scrub, scrub, scrub.....
ah, much better!

Here it is, leaning....
in the kitchen.

Jack is going to add a small table with 
two legs onto this.....

but until he does 
it's going to live in the dining room.

It's the perfect size for this space....

It got a pretty wreath hung on it....

.....perfect match!

Here's a shot from the other side of the room.

Until it becomes an old door with a small table 
attached to it....I like it right here!

I have such clever and creative friends who came up with 
many, many wonderful ideas of what to do 
with this piece!

I am so glad you stopped by 
Pink Glitter!

Thank you, Glitterinas, for 
letting me share this old door treasure 
with you.

Chippy door love,

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