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Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Snowy Little Tree

It's chilly here as winter arrives 
in Central Texas...... but no where 
close to having real snow!

That doesn't mean I can't have a 
little snow on some of my decorations.

I started with a lace table cloth draped 
over a window frame and my 
small, green trunk.

A small, snowy tree joined the 

I like it standing on's
a bit more stable.

Snowflakes, petite mirror balls and some 
jewels add just the right touch to 
this little cutie!

I started wrapping gifts and arranging them 
around this tree.

Our big tree has a choo choo train running 
around I wanted to put the gifts 
here by the fire place.

The addition of my short, red ladder 
proved to be the perfect place for a
few more gifts.

The soft reindeer sitting on the top rung
was a gift many, many years ago from 
 a sweet lady I was lucky enough 
to teach with.

I can hardly wait to take some 
Christmas pictures here with the 

I am checking many things off of 
my To-Do List....happy day!

I hope you are getting things checked off of
your list, too!

Thanks again for letting me share some of my 
Christmas with you......I hope you 
find something that inspires you!

Until next time,

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