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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Snowman Pieces, Candy Cane Seeds, and Reindeer Poop?!

Yes, Glitterinas,
I fed all those things to my grand~darlings!

Now, before you call Child Protective Services on me,
let me tell you a bit more.....

Merry Mix is a fun candy choice bar I set up for 
the grands on Christmas Eve.

Along with Grinch Snacks....

and Elf Treats....

.....the grands had fun filling their candy boats.

The round dining table in our kitchen was 
just the perfect size and height for this project.

The Elf Treat bowl contained gummy treats.

The Reindeer Noses bowl contained malted milk 
balls and large red hots (Rudolph's).

Candy cane seeds- soft peppermints

Reindeer Footprints- chocolate covered pretzels

Snowman Pieces- mini marshmallows

Reindeer Poop- chocolate covered raisins

Christmas Tree Seeds- salted almonds

Grinch Snacks- green M&Ms and green and 
white peppermints

Santa Cookies- Royal Danish butter cookies

Now, do you feel better about me feeding my precious 
grand~darlings Reindeer Poop?

Avery, the oldest grand, told me I could also call these 
little pieces "droppings".....

I told her I just like saying 
Reindeer Poop!

She laughed and said it was more fun to say!

Each bowl had a tiny, red cup to scoop 
up the treats in that bowl....

The grands tried guessing what would go into each bowl.... was hard to wait!

Once each bowl was filled we talked about all the 
yummy goodies that awaited them.

They were so good to carefully use the little 
cup scoops!

Filling those little, polka dot bowls was fun!

I'll let each one share their personal mix with you....

Avery, our artist....

Emery, our doll lover.....

Hmmm, Emery does not have any 
Reindeer Poop 
in her bowl.

She wasn't taking any chances!

On the other hand, Hudson our Lego Guy, has lots 
of everything!

So how much of that candy do you think 
you can eat, Hudson?

ALL of it, Gigi!

They ate a little bit and then we had dinner.

I was glad that they actually ate their dinner.

After dinner, they hit the table again, just 
to top off their treats!

They had fun mixing their own candy treats 
at the Merry Mix table.

They had one more treat to enjoy after we 
opened our Christmas gifts.....

Gigi's elf showed up with some nice, decorated 
cookies.....he even tried one!


The Merry Mix printables I used for this fun 
project can be found at the blog
"A Girl and A Glue Gun".

Hop on over and take a look at all 
the clever and fun things Kim 
shares on her blog!

Thank you so much for stopping by 
Pink Glitter today.....I appreciate 
you lovelies!

I hope you have a peaceful and calm 
beginning to this new year 
that we are coming up on 
very quickly!

Hugs and glitter,

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