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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Countdown!

The countdown to Christmas has already begun....
but I'd like to share something I made 
for our grand~darlings.

I wanted them to have a fun way to
 countdown the days until Christmas.

I bought each sister a puzzle and a LEGO set 
for little brother.

I opened each one and divided them 
into 20 little piles.

Each little pile of puzzle pieces and LEGO pieces went 
into a trimmed down lunch sack.

Four of the sacks had candy placed into them.
The grands will not be expecting that!  Yay!

I printed off a page of 24 cute, countdown 
circles and punched them out.

I stapled a number circle on each sack.....

Starting with bag number 24, I tied red yarn on each bag and hung 
it from a coat hanger. 

I repeated the yarn and hanging step 
with all of the other 23 bags....

......right down to bag 3.....



I can't wait for the kiddos to finish opening the bags
and complete their puzzles and LEGO set!

Here's the completed countdown hanger!

The countdown has begun.....

Here's a peek at the grands 
opening bag number 24 on 
December first....

I hope you enjoy the rest of these busy days 
as they fly by in the 
countdown to Christmas!

Hugs to you,

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