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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Our Twinkling Tree

Welcome to our 2015 version of 
a twinkling Christmas tree, Glitterinas!

I was wishy washy about picking a 
color scheme or a theme for our tree.

I usually decide in the summer months 
what I'm going to use to decorate the tree.

Gingerbread people

Homemade red and white ornaments

Snowmen....ooops, sorry
I mean, Snow People

Mom's pink Christmas pretties

Gold and silver ornaments

Santa et al.

I even used candy canes and old fashioned 
hard candy one year.

But this year, I just couldn't decide.....

.....wishy washy, I tell you!

Then one day I was shopping for some new 
house shoes 

and as I wandered around, 

probably wasting time because I 
couldn't decide on which 
house shoes I wanted,

I saw this silver display....not Christmas-y, 
just sparkly.....

.....and my poor ol' brain had a little pop!

That was it.....I'm using silver on our 
Christmas tree this year!

Now I realize this epiphany is not world shaking,
but I did have to choose something!

Yay!  I was so glad I had settled on something and could 
start organizing things in my mind.

I had some silver Christmas things, 
my Mom's 
stash had some sparkly silver things.....

.....and I added a few new sparkly goodies....

.....and here we have it!

It's not a behemoth, but it fits nicely into this corner....
and we like it!

Let me show you the top....

The glittery loops and spheres seem to 
dance around the very top of the tree.

The ribbon is so pretty at night when there 
aren't many lights on other than the tree.

The widest ribbon has silver snowflakes 
on it.  The narrowest ribbon is woven silver 
with very messy glitter on it and the 
medium is a gauzy gray.

Each ribbon catches the twinkle lights in a different way 
and they look good together.

What do you think, Glitterinas, did I get 
the right mix of ribbon for the topper?

Continuing our tour down the tree....

....there are stars and snowflakes....

.....some crystal like jewels....

.....and some round ornaments covered with sparkly jewels.

I'm not really sure what to call these 
tinsel covered beauties....

.....but they are pretty on both sides.
They have a lovely pearl right in the center!

This piece of "JOY" is a new 
addition to my ornament box....

Last year I added a choo choo train that runs around 
the galvanized tub in which the tree stands.
It found it's way around the tree again this year!

Chugga.....chugga......chooooooo choo!

Grandson enjoys the train the most, I think.....
along with Gigi!

All of those pieces have come together to 
decorate a tree that
stands sparkling in our home to help us celebrate 

We really don't need a tree,

or gifts,

or stockings,

or the little musical angel,

or the Nativity scenes,

to have a lovely time together
celebrating Jesus' birth.

Maybe that's what my heart was trying to remind 
me of when I was having those 
wishy washy moments.

I think I'll take some extra time this evening 
and count my blessings 
as I sit in the soft glow of our 
twinkling tree.

I hope you can find some peaceful time 
in each of these busy, December days.

A big, Pink Glitter hug to you,

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