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Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Different Sort of Wreath

I love wreaths!

Do you, Glitterinas?

My newest wreath is different from any 
of the others I've made.

We attended a wedding in Indiana 
one October.
Being the born and raised Texas girl that 
I am, I went crazy for all the pretty 

I gathered many beautiful leaves 
and pressed them in a book.

Time marched on......

Guess what I found, Glitterinas? 

I got my book off the shelf to 
read.....and out tumbled all those 
lovely leaves I had collected!

I had forgotten all about them.

Life is crazy that way, isn't it?!

I stacked them all up and knew 
I wanted to do something with them.....

......but what?

Hmmmm, a stack of very pretty, but extremely
fragile leaves.....

I took them upstairs to my 
arts and crafts desk and shuffled them around....

....arranged them in rows....

.....and then in a circle.

Oooooh, a wreath!

Then I really got the ol' creative juices 

.....since the leaves were so fragile, I decided to 
give them a spray of polyurethane and then 
mount them each on a 
piece of seasonal paper.

Deciding which paper each leaf looked 
best on was interesting.

After arranging the paper and leaves this way,
and that way,

I was finally happy with the matches.

Next, I used hot glue to attached each leaf.

My finger tips appreciate the help of a pencil eraser 
when tapping down hot, hot, hot glue!

Then I trimmed the paper down 
to a size that matched each leaf shape.

This leaf retained it's deep red coloring.....

......each one is still so pretty.

Arranging all the mounted leaves into 
a round, wreath shape was challenging.

I used a wire coat hanger as a base.

I felt like the standard metal wreath 
form would be too thick and heavy for this wreath.

I checked the size.....


Each leaf got glued on carefully.

Then I flipped the wreath over and 
put more hot glue on the back to make 
sure each piece was securely glued onto the wire.

Now, for a bow....

....just a simple burlap bow because 
the leaves are the star of 
this show!

The wreath also needed a hanging loop.... I used some chiffon ribbon....

......easy peasy.

Then I carried my finished wreath 
around the house to find a 
place for it to live.

Right here on the pantry door!

This different sort of wreath adds a nice 
touch of fall to the kitchen.....

.....and I love remembering the 
happy wedding weekend 
when all these lovely leaves were 
gathered up!

Thank you so much for stopping by 
Pink Glitter!

I appreciate you letting me 
share my craft ideas and 
rambling thoughts.

Have a lovely fall day, Glitterinas!

Until next time,

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