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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tin Tote

Youngest daughter and I were shopping for 
things to decorate her new office.

I will share that decorating fun
with you soon....

but first....

I saw this and knew it had to come home 
with ME.

I like all the compartments.

Where will you put it?......
I heard my husband ask, in my mind...

Well, it will be cute in almost 
any room!....I find is a 
terrific answer!

It sits on four sturdy feet.

It will be at home on the island in the
kitchen......for now!

The fun part was filling all those

Some bubbles for the grands
 in a leaf bowl....


.....cookies and a leaf dish....oh, and another pumpkin!

An embellished jar holding straws....

....and another jar holding some 
crazy wooden spoons!

I am so glad this little tote came to 
my house.

I think I will really enjoy it.....

.....what ever room it ends up in!

Did you notice my spider runner?

My wonderfully talented friend, Lula,
made it for me!

Thanks again, Lula, 
I love, love, love it, still.

I am glad you stopped by, Glitterinas.

Thanks so much for letting me share
my thoughts and design ramblings 
with you!

Hugs and glitter,

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