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Friday, October 14, 2016

Zany Eyes......A Cute and Simple Project

Welcome to Pink Glitter!

Thanks so much for opening up this post
and taking time from your busy day 
to read what I've got going on here.

Let's head up to my arts and crafts room
and get started.....

We're going to be making some fun
Halloween clips for the 
little girlies in your world 
that wear clips in their hair!

Aren't these cute?

To make some for your favorite little "ghouls",
choose their favorite clips.....

Pick out some google eyes that look 
good with the clips.
(Bobby pins work, too, for this project.)

Place a small dot of hot glue on the clip....

.....and touch it down on the back of the eye.

Tah Dah!!

That's it!

How easy is that?!

These little Zany Eye clips are so cute.

It's hard to stop making them.

What do you think, Glitterinas?

Do you know a little "ghoul" who 
would like some fun hair clips 
for Halloween?

I invite you to join me in daily prayers for 
everyone who is recovering 
from Hurricane Matthew 
and those who are working to 
give aid.

Until next time,

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