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Friday, October 21, 2016

Pumpkins In The Yard

I have decorated a bit out in the yard 
this year.

The pumpkins I found this season 
are so pretty....

I'll share my vintage, child sized
wheel barrow first.

This little cutie followed me home 
from Fredericksburg
years ago.

I had some flowering vines that grew up around my cucumbers 
and I liked the way they looked when they 
dried up.

They were the perfect first layer in 
the wheel barrow arrangement.

The tendrils and tiny seed pods add a good 
texture here.

I just started piling the pumpkins into the
wheel barrow.....largest to smallest.

A different angle.....

After I fiddled with the dried vines a bit 
I decided it was done!

Next, I'll share the metal, flower bench 
that I move around all over the place.

Sweet Husband bought it and brought it home 
for me when he went to a garden show 
in Austin.

It has been a great piece to have for 
taking pictures and focal spots through the 

I rolled up some grape vines loosely
and sat a big ol' pumpkin 
right in the middle.

Then I added some leaves and kept stacking 
pumpkins until I was happy 
with this autumn grouping.


The white basket got flipped over 
for an old lantern to perch on until 
I find a mum plant to 
put in it.

This sign really brings home 
this is my favorite season!

This unusual pumpkin found the perfect
perch on the old plant stand.

This beauty was there first 
but didn't fit quite as well.

I have to take a moment 
to thank my helpers...

Margaux, the Inspector....

.....and her side kick,

If I am outside doing anything
they are right there, too. 

These metal jack-o-lanterns help add a 
touch of Halloween fun to the 
yard, too!

What seasonal touches do you add 
to your yard, Glitterinas?

Leave me a note so I'll know 
you stopped by.

Thanks so much for letting me 
share my yard with you.

Hugs and pumpkins,

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