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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Where Do You Keep a Ghost?

Well, Glitterinas?

Where would you keep a ghost?

This year at our house
they are in a flower pot!

I made a cute Halloween project 
this year with flower pots and 
paint mixing sticks.

Let me show you!

I saw these sticks in two lengths 
during a quick razoo I made 
through Home Depot.

I wasn't sure what I'd do with them....
but knew I needed them!

Do you ever do that, Glitterinas?

Well, with some pondering...

and some chin scratching.....

and some considering....

I decided these sticks would make 
good looking ghosts!

I had these flower pots 
from Easter a few years ago....

.....yay, these will work!

I decided the larger pot would get 
three ghosts and the smaller pots 
would get two ghosts each.

The first step to turn these paint 
sticks into ghosts was a coat of 
creamy, white paint.

Then they were set out to dry.

 It was the flower pots' turn to 
get their paint job.

I used some black paint to
dress them up a bit.

After the second coat, I was happy with the 
way they looked.

Their transformation was finished up 
with some orange dots.

The "O" color is most definitely my 
least favorite color, 
however, this was for Halloween!

The ghosts also needed a second coat of paint.

When they were good and dry, it was time 
to give each one a face.

I sketched off some ideas for funny, silly, and 
even faces that were a bit spooky.

Time to start drawing on those ghost faces.....

There.....all the ghosties had a face!

The curve under each face was the perfect place 
to add some ribbon on these cute, little ghosts!


To stand each ghost up in it's flower pot,
I used hot glue on the bottom edge.

Run hot glue on the bottom of each and carefully 
place it in the pot.

This step went quickly and then I was ready for 
some filler in each pot.

Natural colored zizzle .....
and then a tiny bit of twinkle.

I gave each pot a quick spritz of 
spray adhesive to keep the filler in place.

These ghost decorations turned out 
just the way I wanted.

Some projects turn out just how I picture them....

Two found a place on the dining room table....

.....and the third one landed on the island
in the kitchen.

A couple of these faces make me giggle 
when I look at them....

.....I believe I know these guys!

If you need a fun Halloween project,
Glitterinas, give this 
one a try.

These would make nice gifts, too!

Thanks so much for letting me share 
this Halloween project with you!

Happy Halloween, Glitterinas,

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