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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

State Fair of Texas!

Hello Glitterinas!

My family and I spent a crazy, full weekend in Dallas at the State Fair of Texas!

Saturday dawned gray and muggy....then proceeded to rain on us most of the day.  Since we are in the middle of a terrible drought I was thankful for every drop of rain the Lord sent us!  I was also thankful I had packed an umbrella!

Sunday was a beautiful, blue sky, sunny, bird chirping, loving life kind of day!

Let me share some of the fun we had and some of the wonderful things that make up the best state fair in the world!

First, there were the grounds.....the grounds keepers did an amazing job......there were huge masses of flowers and plants everywhere!

Daughter Holly and oldest grand~darling liked these huge planters of pink bouganvilla!

I would love to have this little garden vignette for my backyard......

Daughter Ashley and middle grand~darling posed for me in front of another colorful planter.....this one was outside a huge greenhouse!

This little lovely was at a stroller parking area......such a pretty touch of fall!

The main reason I attended the fair was to watch all three grands show their pigs.  Show day is always a very exciting time.....

Here are our three precious grand~darlings!

Being in the show ring with an animal takes lots of concentration.....they practice walking their pigs at home, but you just never know what the pigs will do when they come into a ring with pigs they do not know!  

Both our daughters showed (pigs, steers and goats) while they were growing up! Raising and showing animals is lots of hard work and LOTS of fun!  I don't think they would take anything for all their wonderful, busy, crazy show memories!

Here they go......into the ring with Pinky Pie, Cookie and Dory!

The youngest grand's pig hurt her foot and could not show......he was upset but quickly found other fun things to occupy his posing for Gigi with his new show stick!  He also had new jeans, boots, and hat but the best new thing was a belt just like Pop's!

Ribbons are fun to get....a little token of a job well done!  These will surely find a special place of honor in the hall of fame at home!

There was time to wander around the fair grounds and enjoy all kinds of entertainment.  Live bands, rides, crazy good food, new cars, giveaways, midway games, a petting zoo, people watching and so much more all competed for the attention of fair go-ers.

Watching Farmer Jack carve a 1400 pound pumpkin was not to be missed!  He doesn't use any preservatives on his creations.....he said they'll last three or four days!

I test drove several new cars.....this bad boy was one of them....

There are icons of the fair, too ..... each is a "must see" if you attend the State Fair of Texas!

Big Tex with his booming voice, welcoming everyone to the fair!

Sweet Elsie.....

The Texas Star.....this can be seen from almost anywhere in Dallas!

The Cotton Bowl.....always watching over the hustle and bustle of the fair.....

There are foods you absolutely must try, too.....

Keeping everyone safe is probably much more involved than any of us will ever know.....we took a moment to have a chat with and thank some of the officers.

We had so much fun this year during our annual trip to the State Fair of Texas!  

Our days were busy, busy, busy and so full of activities.......we went and went until we were just pooped out.....

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Until next time....


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