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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Queen of Halloween!

Hello Glitterinas!

Happy Halloween 

              to y'all.....and thank you so much for dropping in today!

Do any of you play the dice game "Bunco"?

I do and I have the most wonderful group of ladies in my bunco group!  

I call it bunco therapy!  We have the best time when we get together.

In October, we met at Phyllis' house......I have nicknamed her

                      The Queen of Halloween!

We each bring something when we get together....there's a rotating schedule of where we get together and who brings what.....this month I brought the appetizer.

I chose that yummy layered dip with refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.....I layered all the ingredients in a bowl finishing with the guac on top.  I then piped on some sour cream to make a spider web.

Using a tooth pick I added some lines to complete the web and added a pink spider!  Yes, pink!  

I needed something to dip with so, I cut corn tortillas with bat shaped cookie cutters.....

Placed them on a metal pizza pan and baked them for ten minutes at 300 degrees to crisp them up.

Then, using ready to bake bread dough, I made some witchy poo fingers and some bones!

Everything was packed and ready to head over to Phyllis' house.....I love going to bunco!

There is so much friendship, love, kindness, laughter, good food, visiting and fun when we all gather.....and when we need to, we share hugs, tears, quiet moments and prayers.  

Each and every lady in our group is such a thoughtful, lovely hostess....we are made to feel so welcome in a warm and inviting house every month!  

Boy, am I blessed with great friends, or what?!

There are Halloween decorations in the front yard, the back yard and all through the house when I reach the abode of The Queen of Halloween!

Let me show you a few of her cute decorations.....

The Halloween village is too cute....wish I could have gotten a better snap of it.....

All kinds of yumminess to eat.....

.....and a wonderful, festive table to gather around.....

But here is the absolute best part of bunco.....

I raise a toast to a wonderful group of Bunco Babes!  

Girls, I love ya!

Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!

Thanks again for joining me here at Pink Glitter!  Please leave me a comment so I'll know you've dropped by!

Until next time,

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