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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Last of the Pretty Petals!

Hello Glitterinas!

As October marches on, the flowers I enjoyed all summer are beginning to fade out.....

I want to share the last of the pretty petals in our yard with you!

Aren't they lovely?  When it gets colder and they are all gone, I am really going to miss the pretty color they add to the backyard.  

The zinnias last a long time when I cut them and bring them inside to enjoy!

We bought an old iron bed and made a flower "bed" this past held flowers, strawberries, some lavender, and some veggies.  

Everyone who saw it thought it was a fun addition to the yard!

The headboard supported our "glorious tangle" of morning glories.......I love their happy blooms.....they make me smile every morning!

Here's a strange plant (it's a form of cactus) and its flower.....looks like something from outer space to me.....the flower is very stinky, but the flies love it.

Our little garden girl is watching over the yard......she will miss the flowers, too, I bet!

Well, thanks so much for letting me share the last of our pretty petals with you!  

Thanks also for joining me here at Pink Glitter!

See you soon,

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