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Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Halloween Bouquet

Hello Glitterinas!

I hope you are enjoying's kinda crazy that it's already here, isn't it?

Let's jump right into another fun Halloween decoration!

A paper bouquet......there's no worrying about these flowers wilting or dropping their petals.

I started by searching online for some free vintage Halloween pictures.  There are so many to choose from......I found some I liked, downloaded, printed, and cut them out.

Let's make the rosettes.  I chose some paper from my stash......I really like the polka dot paper!

These rosettes are so simple to make.  

Did you make paper fans when you were young?  

That same back and forth folding is the simple start for these little cuties......the width of the paper strips  will determine how large your rosettes are......I used two and a half inch wide strips.

Glue the ends of two folded strips together to make a circle.....I used Elmer's school the center of the folded circle down and glue......I used hot glue.  In this picture, you can see the dot of hot glue in the center of the rosettes.

The larger rosettes began with two and a half inch strips of paper.....the smaller rosette began with one inch strips which were leftovers which I didn't want to waste!  The smaller the strips the harder it is to work with, though!

I played around with the vintage images to decide which one looked best on each rosette.....then glued an image on each one.  I used striped, paper straws for the stems......again, a dot of hot glue did the trick!

These are the straws I used.....

I decided to put my Halloween bouquet in a mercury glass vase that I've had for years.....I crumpled up all the paper trimming scraps from the last few projects, filled the vase and arranged my bouquet!

I put some white krinkle filler on top of the crumpled paper, tied some ribbon around the vase and TAH DAH!


A cute Halloween bouquet for us to enjoy with our meals.

I think a Halloween bouquet would be cute on a table in your house, too!  

Hmmmm, where will you put yours?

Thanks for me joining me here at Pink time we'll be making some cute Halloween decorations to share with friends, teachers, mail carriers......anyone who needs a little seasonal goodie!  

You'll love sharing them.....I'm going to share them with my sweet friends at lunch next week!

Bye bye lovelies,

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