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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

An RV Adventure!

I have always wanted to take a trip
in an RV.

I pass the RV rental places and wonder what
it would be like to take one of those wheeled wonders for
a road trip.

Well, Glitterinas, I can cross that off my bucket list.

We took a trip to Indianapolis for a wedding and
we travelled in this....

The travelers onboard were:

Pops & Gigi 
(that's husband and I)
Three Grand-Darlings

Oldest daughter was the Matron of Honor
with many, many pre-wedding
she flew up early!

She made the trip home with us in our rolling home.

Youngest daughter was busy with her job
and her doctorate she did not
get to go on this adventure....poop!

We started our adventure one afternoon and drove through 
the night....we wanted to have as much time at our
destination as we could get!

Our RV was comfortable.....everyone had
plenty of their own space.

The girls each had their own bunk area.....

with their own TV, lamp, window and sleeping space.

Littlest guy was very good to ride in his car seat.....and when it was time for
bed, he had the space above the driver's area....

Each time we stopped for gas we all got to stretch our legs
and buy something to eat or drink....

There were slurpies....


Sophie would assume maximum mooching
position anytime there was food
being consumed.

There were seat belts in the dining area.....
and on the couch.
The kids were good about wearing them.

Sophie, well, not so much!

It takes a very long time to get out of Texas.....but once
we crossed the state line into Arkansas, the states
seemed to pass kind of quickly.....




I was tickled to see some lovely autumn colors!

We also saw a beautiful sunset.....

The Effingham Cross....

and the Mighty Mississippi River....

....not a very exciting representation of this mighty
waterway....but we were properly impressed!

During a fuel stop, the girls wrote and drew in
their travel journals....

In a future post, I'll share how I made 
the grand-darlings'
travel journals.

I'll also be sharing wedding pictures and
some of the millions (OK, maybe I'm exaggerating
a bit) of beautiful autumn leaf pictures I took!

The cold Indiana weather and 
the lovely autumn leaves
were really appreciated and enjoyed by this ol'
Texas gal!

Thanks so much for letting me share our
RV adventure, Glitterinas.

What a great way to travel!

I look forward to our next travel adventure.

Until next time,
Travellin'  Tammy

Thankful for:
a safe and enjoyable trip

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