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Monday, October 27, 2014

Kelli's Special Day Is Tomorrow!

One day left until we all rise, turn, see her and
 "Here comes the Bride"!

But before she comes down the aisle, Glitterinas,
I want to take you
behind the scenes a bit.

My husband teaches floral design.

He has a true gift
for taking flowers, 
all kinds of other lovely things 
and turning them 
into absolutely gorgeous floral designs!

The bride, along with her Mom 
and sister, have been part of our close circle 
of friends for many, many years.

So, husband was not surprised when he was
asked to perform his magic and do the
flowers for the wedding.

Here's a look at what he started with.....

buckets of flowers.....

just waiting to be turned into
floral beautifulness!

There were 24 hand tied table bouquets
to make....

so oldest grand helped fill jars with
water for the table flowers 
to sit in until it was time to 
decorate the reception tables.

We also had to go gather some 
rocks to place in the bottom
of each jar 
to keep them from tipping over!

Husband got busy creating....he worked on flowers 
from one o'clock in the afternoon until about 
nine o'clock that night.

Here's the reception tables'

.....and just like the energizer bunny
he just kept going and going.

Finally, there were twenty four 
hand tied table bouquets.

Such loveliness!

Grand ~ helper liked the 
kangaroo paw flowers!

Next on husband's agenda....
bridesmaid's bouquets....
three, please!

More loveliness!

The sign in table needed an arrangement
in a large Mason jar....

Sunflower loveliness!

Husband continued working on 
boutonnieres and corsages....

....and flower girl baskets....

while I began putting together
the reception tablescapes.

Here are two prototypes.....

The wind was blowing with gusts 
around 30-35 miles per hour.  
It was raining off and on.

The tent was flapping like crazy....
some of the side panels had 
been removed in hopes of keeping
the tent from billowing up, up, up
and blowing away!

I can't tell you how many times I 
asked the Lord to, please, please, let the tent
stay right where it was!

I suggested to the wedding planner that I 
decorate the tables the next hopes of avoiding any
over-turned decorations.

Husband just kept creating.....
some worker bees and I went out and 
placed pumpkins 
all around the wedding area.

I was thankful to have some wonderful 
and energetic
 friends to work with!

Large, medium and small 
pumpkins.....all looking so 

There were also pots and pots 
of mums that had to have a 

Some would sit by each row of chairs 
and look lovely during the vows.....

Some would sit in the cute photo spot 
we were arranging where the guests 
would come in!

As Husband finished up for the evening, there 
were still some of these lovelies waiting, 
to become wedding decorations!

We walked around and 
looked at 
the cocktail area, the sign in area, the vow field,
the reception tent (that was still holding on, thank you Lord), 
and the 
paths from one place to another.

We talked about some more special touches 
we could add to make Kelli's day 

......then we decided it was time to 
call it a day!

Next time, Glitterinas, the big day dawns
all bright and shiny!

Until next time,

Thankful for:

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