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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beautiful Leaves Everywhere!

Oh my, Glitterinas, on our recent trip to
Indiana, for a wedding, I fell in love 
with all the beautiful autumn leaves!

Fall has always been my favorite season.
I have always lived in Texas.
I grew up on the Texas Gulf coast.

Put all those facts together.....and you have 
a Texas gal who has never really experienced

Now if you have ever lived where 
fall is actually it's own
season....this post will probably bore
you to, if you need to be finished reading,
well, that's OK.....I understand!
Later gator!

If you are still reading, please prepare
yourself for millions of beautiful leaves!

Uh oh, that may have scared some
Glitterinas off, too......sorry....

I exaggerated a bit!

Aren't the colors SO pretty??!

I hugged the bride, her Mom, and her sister 
as soon as we arrived.....then I got busy 
walking around taking pictures.

I would take a few steps and gasp....
"Oh my, look at this leaf!"  
Snap a pic....

"Look at these!"

I was talking to Mister Nobody.

I was by myself....but that has never 
stopped me from talking before.....
and it sure wasn't gonna stop me then!

When I saw this tree, I started laughing 
and said out loud .....

"Lord, you did some fabulous work with this one!"

I didn't have my fence climbing shoes on
or I would have hugged that tree!

Oh my!

There was an entire row of 
Christmas trees growing in the front yard.

All I could think of was....
strings and strings and strings of
twinkle lights!

Go ahead, Glitterinas, put your nose up there
and take a deep breath......

Those trees smelled so good.

I love it when my grocery store gets 
the first batch of trees in at Christmas time....
I always stop and sniff them, too.

Not to be out done by the leaves, 
the berries, 
the rose hips, 
the golden rod (a-a-a-chooooo)
were putting on quite a lovely color show, too!

Mr. Hornet was looking particularly lovely.
I kept a respectful distance.....I certainly
did not want to upset anyone with a 
weapon like he had.

The pink and green leaf he was sitting on 
was a gorgeous perch!

The bride and groom own many acres....some cleared, fenced and

....some more wooded and thick with
bushes and undergrowth.

They have mowed paths that meander 
all over the place.

I enjoyed being able to just 
wander around and take in all the 
magnificent colors!

These trees, by one of the tanks (I believe they call them ponds),
 have bark that peels off 
like paper.

This Texas gal got to see 
in a whole new, colorful way!

I brought some of the loveliness home......along with 
many pictures and memories!

The Lord used a bigger paint brush with
His palette of colors than I've seen in Texas.....
goodness, I enjoyed getting to see it!

We had not even gotten to the wedding yet.......

Until next time,

Thankful for:
the gift of sight

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