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Friday, October 31, 2014


Who's there?


Phillip Who?

Wanna Phillip a bag with candy?

If you answered YES.....then come on
over to Gigi's Candy Spot!

I filled some Mason jars with candy and
placed them into a 
wooden carrier.

The candy aisle at the grocery store
is always loaded with fun,
seasonal candy at this time of year!

Here are the bags of sugar-y, chocolate-y,
honey flavored cavity inducers that
I chose.....

I liked the jars in the carrier, but
thought they needed a little something....


....maybe a little topper on 
each jar....

Just the touch 
they needed!

Some of the leftovers went into a large jar
for Husband....

....and some will be for other 
Halloween treats!

Drop by, Glitterinas, if you 
would like to 
a candy bag!

There's some treats waiting 
for you at Gigi's Candy Spot!

I wish you, your ghoul friends, and all your monsters
a very safe, fun, and laughter filled 
Happy Halloween!

Thanks for stopping by Pink Glitter!
I am glad you did.

Until next time,

Thankful for:
cool fall evenings

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