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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Travel Journals for the Grand~Darlings

Hello Glitterinas!

Thanks so much for stopping by to
read about how to make a cute and fun
travel journal.

This is certainly not a new idea.....
but I enjoyed making these little
books for the grands......and I
think they enjoyed drawing and writing in them.

Let's get started making some.....

Things you'll need:

2-4 brown paper lunch bags, per journal
small, journaling cards (optional)
cover art (optional, I used copies of old maps)
computer/printer/paper (optional)

Leave the bags flat.
Each bag has a closed end and an open end.....
stack the bags for a journal alternating 
closed end to the left, then open end to the left
as you stack.

When you have stacked all the bags
you are using for one journal, 
fold the stack in half.

Make as sharp a fold as you can.....then staple.

I used three staples on each journal.

Using free map clip art, I chose map pieces and
wrote each grand's name....

printed and clipped....

.....and glued each name cover on a journal!

Very simple but also just what I wanted!

I think the maps make a cute travel journal cover!

What do you think, Glitterinas?

Online, I found some free, cute, simple journaling cards 
to print off.....I printed, trimmed and
sorted these for the three journals.

I glued the journaling cards into the three booklets.

I used white, school glue.....remembering what teachers tell 
kindergarteners, "A dot holds a lot!"

The open ends of the paper bags make little pockets.....
I slipped some extra journaling cards and some 
blank paper pieces into these pockets.

For the final touch.....I glued a fun journaling card 
onto the back of each travel journal.

Done and done!

Travel journals all ready to go 
with our crew on our RV adventure!

These are fun to make and 
fun to write in, Glitterinas!

There are sooooo many ways to use and enjoy these
little journals.....give it a try and share a pic!

Until next time,

Thankful for:
three grand~darlings to craft
things for

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